New art at our school

The five balanced sculptures


In honor of our upcoming 125th anniversary , we now have 5 great balancing sculptures which are located around the Hjemly Free-and Sports Boarding School. The theme of the sculptures are: “Balance, movement and twisted angles .”Words that char-acterize what school should be.

 We need to be moved. What we have to learn has to touch and move us so that we forget ourselves and seek new ways. We have to be moved on many levels, both mentally and physically every school day.


We must find a balance between school and community, be-tween each other, between playing and learning, between body and soul.

We need to see life and the sub-jects from new and twisted angles. We must be challenged and perhaps pushed to turn things upside down and try things out .

All this and much more is sym-bolized by the sculptures made by the Cuban artists Arcadio Cabrera and Ruben Pena. The sculptures are made from recycled iron. A big thank you from everyone at the school to our fantastic Cuban friends.

Autora: Helene Mondrup